tonies 10000202 Benjamin Blümchen Hearing Figure, Multicoloured


  • I wish you good night now, you played the beautiful long day and laughed. My eyes are coming to my eyes.
  • I roll up the trunk and cuddle up warm like you in bed. Sleep, my dears, fall asleep. Sleep with my goal!
  • Put the tonie on the tonie box and everything is possible. Louise, learn, laugh – or dance until the walls shake. Every Tonie brings his own story.
  • Each Tonie is designed with love and hand painted yet robust enough for great fun on and off the Toniebox. Magnetically sticks to the tonie box and tells you his story.
  • She was discussed by the speaker J. Kluckert, K. Primel, M. Bierstedt, T. Hagen, R. Evers, G. Fritsch, G. Schoß and much more. / Recommended age: 3 years and above / duration approx. 44 minutes


Tonies are audible figures for the Toniebox. They make hearings touchable, because with them you use the toniebox. You can also collect them and play with them. To listen to the story, simply place the auditory figure on the toniebox. The tone is the magic key to your listening experience. When you set it up, the Toniebox immediately recognizes it and downloads the corresponding content from the Toniecloud and plays it directly. Once fully charged, the contents remain on the Toniebox and you can listen to it everywhere, even without WiFi.01 – Dormion02 – The Little Deer and the Princess03 – From the Polar Bear, which it was too cold04 – Queen Anita Anakonda05 – The Whirlwind and Kangaroo 06 – The Little Lucky Bear07 – The Fairy from the Eternal Ice 08 – Chiefts ling Fearless Vielfra09 – The crocodiles that were too lazy 10 – Dorm


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