Nerf Bunkr BKN-3346 Inflatable Battle BNKR


  • Nerf BUNKR Battle Fort
  • Inflated size: 91 x 121 x 93cm
  • Battle anywhere, transform your surroundings into a real life NERF battlefield with these inflatable BUNKRs and covers!
  • Ideal for NERF parties, dart blaster play, laser tag, dart arrow tag and water blasters. Are you ready?
  • Provides effective cover for 2 players
  • The Battle Fort can be used in 2 positions, one to maximize cover and one to support a prone firing position
  • High visibilty HD graphics with bright colours and realistic features


Please note that packaging may vary. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play.
Large scale Battle Zone fort with integrated camo netting for increased cover. Room for 2 players.
Featuring exciting graphics, large 3-way valve for easy inflation & deflation, and heavy duty vinyl construction.
Product must be inflated before use. A suitable manual or electric air pump with a nozzle type adapter is required.”


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