JEMINI – Simon Soft Toy Rabbit +/-27 cm, 023429, White/Blue/Red


  • All fans of Simon, the most famous rabbits, will be delighted to own this soft toy +/- 27 cm
  • This famous Simon rabbit is the hero of books but also an animated series that dedramatize the little worries of a child’s everyday life: fear of the black, school, dentist, etc.
  • Simon, irresistible little facetious rabbit with teeth separated, is a suitable hero of the work of Stéphanie Blake, successful American author of children’s books.
  • Surrounded by her little brother Gaspard, friends, parents and grandparents, Simon discovers life with a charming irreverence.
  • His favourite and now famous expressions are proof of this: “poop puppy!”, “never of life!”, “it doesn’t, no! etc.
  • This plush toy will become your child’s life companion


This soft plush is a perfect representation of the most famous rabbits: Simon. Known by all children. Thanks to its cult phrases such as “poop pudge! “Never Life!”, “It’s Going, No! ” Your child will be delighted to own this soft toy measuring +/- 27 cm. Your child can create their own stories or comfort themselves


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