Full Size Wax Warmer Fragrance Warmer, Plaid Christmas Tree


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The ScentSationals Full Size Fragrance Warmer, Plaid Christmas Tree, is the perfect addition to your home this holiday season! The Plaid Christmas Tree Fragrance Warmer is used with Universal Fragrance Oils or wax melts to release aromatic scents that fill an entire room with inviting warmth. The soft 15-watt light bulb provides a relaxing, decorative atmosphere while giving you a safe heat source to melt your choice of fragrance (sold separately).
Safe and clean heat source
No flame or soot residue
Gentle light adds a touch of ambiance
1. Place wax melt or fragrance oil in your warmer’s dish.
2. For wax/oil removal, place cotton balls in the dish to absorb the fragrance.
3. Once cool to touch, remove cotton balls and wipe dish clean with a dry cloth.
4. Avoid prolonged contact with skin.
5. Do not add water to wax.


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