4Pcs SG90 9g Micro Servos for RC Robot Helicopter Aeroplane Controls Car Boat


High quality and high cost performance.

Operating speed: 0.1second/ 60degree ( 4.8V no load)

Operating voltage: 4.8-6V

Small size and light weight.

Application: Used for fixed-wing, helicopter, KT, glider, small robot, robotic arm and other models.



This kind of micro servos can be used for helicopter, airplane, car and boat. It owns high quality and high cost performance. In the meanwhile, it is light weight and has a small size. I believe it is a good tool for you. Specification: Model: SG90 Weight: 9g Stall torque: 1.8kg/cm Operating speed: 0.1sec/60degree Operating voltage: 4.8V Temperature range: 0℃ ~ +55℃ Dead band width: 10us Maximum rotation angle: 180 degrees Gear medium: nylon Working mode: Simulation Circuit connection: Yellow line (signal line) Red line (power line) Brown (ground) Package includes: 4* SG90 9g Micro Servos How to connect SG90 micro servo motor to Arduino Uno? The connection with Arduino is extremely easy. The servo has three leads. The brown one is the Ground so connect to it Arduino Ground. The red one is VCC which usually requires a voltage between four points eight to seven point two volts. So connect it to Arduino 5V. The last lead, the orange one is the control signal which needs to be a PWM signal with a periodic time of twenty milliseconds aka 50 Hertz and a duty cycle of one to two milliseconds so five to ten percent. While an on time of one millisecond represents the -90° position of the motor shafts, one point five milliseconds represent 0° position and two milliseconds the plus 90° position. That means you can rotate the shaft a total of 180°.


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